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Viber for Android

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"Call and text anyone, anywhere."


While numerous applications which enable you to make phone calls or transmit text messages for free have been designed for the Android-based mobile devices, the vast majority will either include frustrating limitations in the duration of your calls and/or the number of messages you can send or they will ad-funded. In addition, the sound quality is often quite poor, particularly for international calls. However, Viber for Android brings to play several innovative concepts and does not include any of the drawbacks proprietary to this category of applications.

The short description is that Viber constitutes a standalone Android app which permits users to make free phone calls with high definition sound quality or to send out SMS messages to all other Android users who have it installed on their smartphone. What is impressive about Viber is the absence of ads and fees, safe from the network data plan in case you intend to use it in a place where no WiFi coverage is available.


The Viber application’s interface, although rather clean and intuitive, is not exactly its forte. It will provide you with simple ways of contacting the other Vibe users by either SMS or VoIP calls and you can also easily switch between the Viber and your standard GSM network, but the customization options are quite limited. The upper section of the interface enables you to see the contact details of the person you are trying to reach and his phone number, in addition to the current quality of the network coverage.

Within the lower section, you can find the buttons that enable you to mute the call, turn on the speakers, place the call on hold, switch between Viber and your GSM network provider or access your contact list. The lower part of the interface also accommodates the button that enables you to terminate the current call. In other words, it is as simple as it gets and the combination of magenta, red and darker shades of purple confer Viber’s interface a certain degree of elegance.


While the earlier versions of Viber had some issues with the sound quality during calls, the latest release can definitely provide you with an excellent way to conduct VoIP calls with other Vibe users. Some people state that the sound quality for VoIP calls is superior to paid applications. Unfortunately, the sound issue comes from the notification tones which cannot be turned off.


The reasons why you should opt for this Android app are rather self explanatory. It suffices to say that you do not have to pay a cent for an application that could allow you to make HD-quality calls and send messages/pics/locations to any person around the world, as long as he has Viber installed and you will never be bothered to purchase an enhanced version of flooded with ads.


The only noticeable flaws of this app come from the inability to turn off the sound and vibrations of the notifications or to customize them according to your specification and fact that the message archive is not optimized.


The available alternatives to Viber include GTalk, Skype (Android, iPhone), Nimbuzz, Fring or Linphone.


Even though it still has some minor issues, the advantages of the Viber application easily outweigh them. Moreover, since the developer has promised to address the concerns of his user in the later updates, Viber is surely going to become one of the top free VoIP/messaging applications difficult to beat.

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